Tuesday, November 18, 2008


A few months ago, I wrote about The Smashing Pumpkins and said that I thought they Billy Corgan still had some good Pumpkins songs in him. Well, he did: they just released a two track single on iTunes, "G.L.O.W." and "Superchrist." I think both songs are great, not that they're likely to get any notice. After the original Pumpkins reunion failed to set the world on fire, I think the band has lost their shot of getting the attention that they used to get from radio/press/etc. Which is too bad, the songs are good. The only press that Billy has gotten lately has been bad: apparently select vocal fans haven't enjoyed the song selection at the recent Pumpkins gigs, which of course pissed off Mr. Corgan, always game to scold fans during a show. I'll give it to him: he never makes things easy on himself. He has noted in interviews that fans seem to want to hear a "greatest hits" show, and that's not where he's at. I guess he's earned that right, but fans don't have to keep coming back. Anyway, Mr. Anonymous, please take note that I do enjoy both of the new Pumpkins songs.

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