Monday, December 14, 2009


Here are some of my favorite music blogs:

General music sites:

Mojo - my favorite music magazine ever. People complain that they put The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan on the cover too much. Hey, if they have new stories, new interviews, new things to talk about, I ain't mad. Plus, they definitely give lots of love to new bands. Sometimes too much: I wasn't into seeing The Fleet Foxes on the cover, or Kings Of Leon either.

Uncut - is kind of gaining on Mojo.  It's surprising that a country as small as England has a need for two such great music magazines (Q and The Word are also pretty cool Brit mags).

Rolling Stone - I've been reading the magazine for decades, and while they sometimes embarass me with their covers, it is probably how they pay the bills.  They still have Anthony DeCurtis, David Fricke and some other great writers (I miss Jancee Dunn) - and Matt Taibbi is my favorite political writer anywhere.

Entertainment Weekly's MusicMix Blog - a bit too mainstream even for me, but sometimes they have cool stuff.

Music blogs:

I don't like too many other blogs, which is why I started this one. But here are two:

Brooklyn Vegan - very indie rock, but not ageist.  I was proud that Brooklyn Vegan (who hosts SIRIUS XMU's Blog Radio one day a week, you should check it out) linked to, and quoted from, my recent Bob Dylan concert review.

The Quietus - named after the newspaper in City Of Men? Very cool blog that I check out often.

OkayPlayer - most of the hip-hop that I care about is covered here.

 Blabbermouth - the site for all things metal.  I don't like the layout, but they have lots of great info there.

Artist-centric websites

Backstreets - if you need to know anything about Bruce Springsteen, you'll find it here.

Thrasher's Wheat - ditto for Neil Young


Anonymous said...

Are you on Facebook???

Minority said...

hi, anonymous, yes, No Expiration is on Facebook. Just look up No Expiration - I pretty much just post everything from the blog there. thanks for visiting here or there!

ReallyRandy said...

I also read
It's new music but still good stuff.

James said...

Hey, I'm loving your top 100 women in music coverage on No Expiration. Just curious to see if you accept rock artists for submission/consideration? If so, feel free to email me at james at and I'll send a few artists I'm working with your way. Thanks for your time!