Wednesday, December 16, 2009


A new friend reminded me of how moving this performance was. It was from "The Concert For George," the George Harrison tribute concert from a few years ago. Paul McCartney and Eric Clapton did a duet on George's Beatles classic, "Something," backed by an allstar cast, including George's Wilbury brother Jeff Lynne and Ringo Starr. I never really get into the personal lives of rock stars, but I have to wonder what went through their minds here. There must have been... regret. It's no secret that Paul (and John Lennon) bullied George a bit, looking back, was he sorry about it? And Clapton, on one hand a close friend of George's was also George's rival for Patti Boyd. Most people wouldn't still be friends after that - these guys played on each other's albums and even toured together. That's a deep relationship!

Below the "Something" video is another performance from the same concert, Paul doing George's solo song "All Things Must Pass," the title track from George's first post-Beatles album. The Beatles actually turned that song down! I think George actually wrote it about The Beatles, but of course it can take lots of other meanings - including about life. Life being a "thing" that "can pass." To me, it is the most moving performance by Paul I've ever seen. Also moving: Beatles sideman Billy Preston on keyboards and Traffic's Jim Capaldi on percussion, both no longer with us.

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Melanie said...

Watching them harmonize together is one of the most magicical music moments.