Thursday, June 3, 2010


This is turning out to be a pretty cool year for new music. I've really been digging the new album by The Len Price 3, Pictures. I talked about them and played some of their songs earlier this week on The Morning Jolt with Larry Flick on SIRIUS XM's OutQ channel.

As I mentioned, they remind me a lot of The Who and The Kinks circa the early '60s.  Short hair, mod suits, scooters.  They also sound like a lot of other garage rock bands of the era, maybe I'd add in The Pretty Things or The Creation.  They also remind me a bit of The Jam, or Green Day's alter egos, Foxboro Hot Tubs. Of couse, The Jam and FHT are totally influenced by the aforementioned bands. These guys should be in the next "Austin Powers" film if there is one.

I don't think I would have ever heard of the band if it weren't for Little Steven's Underground Garage. They used to play the band's music (this is their third album) but this time around, they actually signed the band and Steven exec produced the album. The songs are all tight and memorable, with firm backbeats and excellent backing vocals.  It's not a mellow album, it's a high energy dance party album from swinging London in 1964.  Some people will write it off as "retro" or something like that, but I personally prefer great songs to originality.  I also firmly believe that more songs should have "ba ba ba BA!" backing vocals.  Anyway, this is another cool album that you may not hear about elsewhere, but you should check it out.

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