Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I thought it was interesting when I heard that Pete Yorn tapped Frank Black to produce his new album. Pete is a fan of rock music by Bruce, and also post-punk/goth stuff like The Cure and The Smiths, as well as Bowie, so it makes sense that he digs The Pixies, who are sort of at the center of all those bands.

From the first few moments of opening track/first single "Precious Stone," you think it's like a Pixies tribute (interestingly, the production is cited to "Black Francis," the name Black used in The Pixies). It's a great single, and it seems like Pete's albums always have a few.

I've always rooted for Pete Yorn, he seems like a really cool guy, and he doesn't pander. I just don't know if he's ever equaled the imact and greatness of his debut, 2001's musicforthemorningafter. I love "Rock Crowd," which is like a love letter to his fans.  Kind of the opposite of songs like "Turn The Page" and "The Load Out." He's basically saying that this is what he's always wanted, and he's glad he has it.

Pete has often been compared to Bruce Springsteen - partially because he covers Bruce all the time, and also because he's from New Jersey.  He reminds me a bit more of Tom Petty: less political, less anthemic, and a bit more low key of a dude. And like Petty, he's slowly building a repertoire of great songs (although I don't think he's released his Damn The Torpedoes yet). And like Petty, he's influenced by The Byrds and their former members: Pete Yorn ends with a cover of Gram Parsons' lovely "Wheels."

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Em K G said...

Pete Yorn needs some new music. I'm a big fan of MusicForTheMorningAfter but we need some more, Yorn!

In the meantime, I've been listening to The Wallflowers' new project. It's pretty solid. I'm stuck on the song Reboot The Mission.