Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Chop Love Carry Fire is the new project led by Jeremy Toback, the former bass player in a band that I really dig, Brad. Jeremy also has done a couple of cool solo albums (I particularly enjoy an early solo song of his, "California Phase").  The group also features drummer Butch Norton, who I've seen as a part of Lucinda Williams' band.

The group's self-titled EP is out now, and it has definitely grown on me.  Jeremy's voice, funny enough, reminds me a bit of that of his former bandmate, Stone Gossard. But I feel like Jeremy works harder as a singer, and it pays off.  His thing isn't necessarily to be a perfect singer, but to get passion across, and he does that really well.  He has a sincerity that reminds me of Neil Young's voice at times.   The music on the album doesn't remind me much of Brad, it's got a bit more crunch, and the bass is more front and center than guitar. At times it reminds me of Scary Monsters-era Bowie combined with a bit of Zeppelin stomp. It's cool stuff, and I look forward to hearing more from this project (although I'd also love to see Jeremy back with Brad).

Get a taste of the band for yourself, though: check out their video for "Want Nothing" here.

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