Monday, October 31, 2011


Matthew Sweet's new album Modern Art is, as I mention above, well titled.  It doesn't hit you immediately.  I wonder if it is a reaction to his two recent albums with Susanna Hoffs: 2006's Under The Covers Vol. 1 (covers of '60s classics) and 2009's Under The Covers Vol. 2 (the '70s). Those albums were packed with instantly recognizable songs filled with hooks.  Modern Art, on the other hand, is a bit more, well, abstract.

Matthew plays most of the instruments, with long time drummer Ric Menck accompanying him, and Dennis Taylor on lead guitar (he was a guitar tech for The Bangles: Matthew helped them on their latest album, Sweetheart Of The Sun).  It's kind of like the set up he used to record Girlfriend, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary.  On his current tour, he is playing that entire album, and I guess the problem is, next to that album, I know I wouldn't want to hear too many songs from Modern Art. Still I'm a loyal fan of Matthew's, his music has meant the world to me over the years, and I'll give this one a few more listens.  

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