Monday, February 13, 2012


I was trying to think of what I wanted to say about the sad death of Whitney Houston. Scott Ian of Anthrax had a tweet that just about summed it up. "I will remember Whitney Houston for her incredible talent. Her personal life was none of mine or anyone else's business." I wish people knew less about her life. All this media speculation on her is a bit ugly. Let her rest. Respect her children. Talk about the immense impact she had as a singer.

I can't act like I was a big fan when she was coming up in the '80s. It wasn't my thing. What changed my mind? "My Love Is Your Love." Written and produced by Wyclef Jean, something about it just moved me. If I was a singer, I'd cover it. But of course, how can you compare to that voice?

Anyone who was listening to music in the '90s couldn't escape The Bodyguard soundtrack and of course, her version of Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You." At the time I wasn't into it, but after "My Love Is Your Love," I heard it again and was stunned. I don't know why I wasn't "hearing" it in the first place, but live and learn.

I was glad that at tonight's Grammys, they didn't do some sort of all-star tribute where everyone tries to outdo each other. Jennifer Hudson did an incredible job at what had to have been an extremely difficult performance (and one that she had about 24 hours to prepare for). She may not have been Whitney, but I think she hit all the right notes, and did it with lots of emotion.  Jennifer Hudson had been through a lot, and she knows pain, and it seems like she's gotten through it. I just wish Whitney could have done the same. Rest in peace.

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