Thursday, January 3, 2013


photo credit: Maria Ives 
I'm trying to bring my blog up to speed, and I'm going to post links to some concerts that I reviewed over the past few months, with extra bonus photos and my more personal takes on the shows.

Over the summer, I saw the Allman Brothers Band/Santana tour, which was pretty great. My review for work is here.

This was a true co-headlining tour, with the band's switching the order each night. The night before I went, the Allmans played last, and apparently, Gregg Allman didn't sound great. The night I went, Gregg was still a bit rough, but I thought it was a really good show... if not as transcendent as the one I'd seen earlier in the year, when they opened their annual string of shows at New York City's Beacon Theatre. The band really is powered by their incredible guitar team of Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks.  They blow my mind every time.

I hadn't seen Santana for a really long time.  I like his new singers, but I'd love to see him reunite with original singer/keyboardist Gregg Rolie (and Gregg told me he'd be into it). Still, his current band is great, and he gives them all space to solo and contribute; I thought it was a cool show. The highlight was when Derek and Warren joined them, although the jam went too far into Dead-like jam-band territory after a while. Still, I really liked the show, and am getting ready to see the Allmans once again when they play the Beacon again this year.

photo credit: Maria Ives

photo credit: Maria Ives 

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