Sunday, October 28, 2007

IT'S A SHAME ABOUT RAY (Davies' album not being released in the U.S. yet)

OK, that was a bit of a misleading headline. But it is kind of a bummer that Ray Davies has a new album out (Working Man's Cafe), and we can't get it legally in America. Apparently, in the UK, you got a free copy with this past week's copy of The Sunday Times. Prince did a similar thing over the summer to promote his string of shows at the O2 Dome, but he probably made a decent amount of money from The Times. I imagine Ray likely got a nice check as well. I have no problem with artists - especially veterans who the record labels seem not to know what to do with these days - using new avenues to get thier music to the public.

It's just frustrating to go to the iTunes store, see the album, click on it, and you get a message saying that it isn't available in your territory. Now, it isn't listed on iTunes at all. I'm sure at some point, Ray will make sure the album is available here: for now, you can hear three great songs at his myspace page.

I imagine some people in the record industry are annoyed that the legendary songwriter from The Kinks is "giving away" his music - but his last album, last year's Other People's Lives, came out on a big label, and despite being a great album, didn't make a big impact (unless you listen to Little Steven's Underground Garage - which you should).

Anyway, there's always rumors that Ray will reunite The Kinks with his brother Dave Davies, which would be cool - but I'd be just as happy to see Ray tour on his own, play his solo stuff and whatever Kinks material he feels fits his mood. (I think).

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