Thursday, December 13, 2007


How do you remember someone who maybe wasn't a great person in life, but whose work was undeniably great? And why is it that so many great artists have a dark streak - even a cruel streak - to them?  You can't deny the greatness and the impact of the work of Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis, for instance. But when you read about some of the things they have (allegedly) done, it makes it hard to like them. Still, their music is awesome, and they belong on pop music's Mount Rushmore. 

Ike Turner generally isn't thought of in the same light, but he is credited with what many think is the first rock and roll song of all time, "Rocket 88." Of course, most people know him as the "Ike" in Ike & Tina Turner... and how awful he was to her. 

I guess I'm grateful that the helped to invent rock and roll, and if he didn't get his credit, well maybe it was karma. I'm glad he introduced Tina to the world, and that she got out of that situation. 

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