Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I was excited to hear that Greg Dulli and Mark Lanegan are working together as The Gutter Twins. Dulli , of course, fronted one of the best bands of the '90s that never "made it," The Afghan Whigs, and since then has fronted a project called The Twilight Singers. Lanegan fronted another great '90s band, Screaming Trees while maintaining a solo career. He has sometimes been a member of Queens Of The Stone Age, and has also collaborated with Isobell Campbell (of Belle & Sebastian). They have a few things in common: one is that they both seemed to have been their own worst enemy when it came to their careers. They certainly made great music, but their various behaviors prevented them from being the rock stars that they should have been. Both seemed to have musical roots that extended way past '70s punk rock (which made them stand out among many alt-rockers of the '90s) -they both knew blues, soul and country. I'd also argue that both the Afghan Whigs and Screaming Trees ended on their finest albums (although I'm sure I could get killed in some parts of Seattle for that comment).
The Gutter Twins will play NY, but unfortunately on Valentine's Day. If there's any two people you don't want to see on Valentine's Day, it's these guys. But hopefully they'll do another date at some point. I can't wait to hear this album.

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