Thursday, July 15, 2010


The American Carnage tour - featuring Slayer and Megadeth - just got a bit better: Anthrax signed on! The three bands toured together back in 1991 as Clash Of The Titans, and an up-and-coming band called Alice In Chains opened. Read the details of the tour here.

Of course, the ultimate would have been a U.S. leg of the Big Four tour that's hit Europe this summer: that tour features all three bands, plus Metallica.

Back to Anthrax: I was hoping that John Bush would be rejoining the band, as they did a brief Australian tour with him a few months back. But it turns out that the guy he replaced, Joey Belladonna is back as the band's singer. I know the band recorded an album with Dan Nelson, but fired him and ditched the vocals.  I wonder if Belladonna will just re-do those and that will be the next Anthrax album.

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