Thursday, July 15, 2010


I usually deal with music news on twitter, but I had to write about this. Over the weekend, Roger Waters and David Gilmour performed together!

Over the past few years, Waters has expressed interest in rejoining Pink Floyd.  At the very least, he'd probably like to have the rights to the band name, which he unwittingly lost when he quit the band in the mid-'80s.  For his part, Gilmour has expressed that he wouldn't want to work with Roger again, and doesn't want to do Pink Floyd anymore.  After a lengthy tour for his last album, he pretty much said he doesn't know when he'll even do another solo album.  He doesn't want to work with himself!

For his part, Waters has toured quite a bit, doing very Floyd-centric concerts (he hasn't done a new album in decades).  His last tour saw him doing Dark Side Of The Moon in its entirety, and his upcoming one will see him doing The Wall, complete with the legendary production from Floyd's 1979-1980 tour.

Anyway, this Gilmour-Waters reunion was prompted by Gilmour, who wanted Waters to perform "To Know Him Is To Love Him" at a charity event, which Waters didn't think he could sing. Long story short, Gilmour said he'd join Waters for "Comfortably Numb" at one show on his Wall tour if Roger would join him. Pretty amazing.  Read the whole story, from Roger's point of view, at his facebook page.

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