Tuesday, September 7, 2010


It's not that Joan Jett isn't well know, of course everyone know who she is. I just don't think that she gets the credit she deserves, as one of the best garage rock acts of the past few decades.  Part of it is probably because she hasn't been very prolific, and she seems to have as many complilaton albums as albums of original material.  Her last album, 2006's Sinner, was really good, she did an awesome cover of "A.C.D.C." by The Sweet. She does do a lot of covers - but no one complains that Aretha does lots of covers.  Joan is unique, I don't care if she wrote a song or not, when she sings it, it is hers.

She tours year after year (doing lots of shows for our armed forces via USO), but I've never seen her: I've got to catch one of her concerts one day.  I wish she still did her SIRIUS radio show (on The Underground Garage), she was a great host. She has great taste, she can roll with The Dave Clark Five and also Minor Threat.

Anyway, after the release of the Runaways movie earlier this year, she put out a new 2 CD Greatest Hits set, which is probably what you need to get if you don't have any of her records.

  • The Classic Album: 1981's I Love Rock 'n' Roll
  • Other Great Ones: 1980's Joan Jett (reissued in 1981 as Bad Reputation), 1983's Album,  1988's Up Your Alley, 1993's Flashback has some great rare stuff, 2006's Sinner
  • The Collection: The aforementioned Greatest Hits, released earlier this year.
  • Look for: a new album!

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