Tuesday, September 7, 2010


For those of you who are new to No Expiraton, every Wednesday morning at around 9 am ET-ish, I go on the SIRIUS XM OutQ channel's The Morning Jolt with Larry Flick (also featuring co-host and professional comedian Keith Price) to talk about music. Labor Day got me thinking about some great artists who work (or worked) really hard without getting thier due props.  Artists like the great Chris Whitley, Joan Osborne, Joan Jett, de la soul, Los Lobos, and a few others who I will be writing about later this weeek. Call in if you feel I've missed someone!


Adam Marinik said...

What was the last song from the interview this morning? It totally wrecked me and I can't remember the title or the artist now that I am in front of computer 14 hours later.

Minority said...

Hi Adam, thanks for listening and for coming to my blog. It was Warren Zevon's "Keep Me In Your Heart" from his final album, "The Wind." there's also a doc on the last year of his life, also titled "Keep Me In Your Heart."