Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I've written about Los Lobos' Tin Can Trust earlier this year, urging you not to sleep on them. I hope you took my advice.  Back in the day, critics used to pay a lot of attention to Los Lobos.  In the '80s, How Will The Wolf Survive? got a lot of attention and great reviews, and in the '90s ditto for Kiko and Colossal Head. Sometimes I'm not really sure if reviews actually help a band, but with Los Lobos, I bet they did.  I know that's how I got into them.

So let me urge you to check Los Lobos out, and if you're unfamiliar, why not start with this album, it's really great.  This album makes me want to have a few beers and sit on my porch, that's the vibe they bring, but they've got some bite to them as well. One of my New Year's resolutions shall be to listen to more Los Lobos.

Check for: "Burn It Down" (featuring guest backing vocals by Susan Tedeschi), "Yo Canto," "Tin Can Trust," the instrumental "Do The Murray," "All My Bridges Burning" (co-written with Robert Hunter of The Grateful Dead) and "West L.A. Fadeaway" (a Dead cover, it's better than the original).

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