Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Today on SiriusXM OutQ's Morning Jolt with Larry Flick, Larry mentioned that Darlene Love had one of her first hit singles about 48 years ago.  So, it's about time that she is getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next week!

I'm really honored that Rocket Queen, guitarist from one of my favorite bands, The Cocktail Slippers, agreed to write up something brief for me about Darlene.  Take it, Rocket Queen!

"Darlene Love simply fills me with admiration; she's got an amazing voice and she's a role model - for the way she sings, for the way she puts her soul into the songs she's singing, for her beauty and grace and for simply just being a strong modern woman. Needless to say, there's no Christmas without Darlene Love's 'Christmas (baby please come home)'."

Like Darlene's greatest songs, and those of The Cocktail Slippers, it's short, sweet, to the point and awesome.  Thank you Rocket Queen!

But that's not all: watch the video below, filmed at Madison Square Garden, October 29, 2009 at the concerts celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band had Darlene join them for "Fine, Fine Boy" and "Da Doo Ron Ron."  Bruce asks the voters in the audience to vote for Darlene, "Her singing and her stage presence is an inspirational joy, she's really blown all our minds.  She's the voice of some of Phil Spector's greatest creations... and if there's any justice, she's a future member of the Hall of Fame! She's on the ballot this year, so let's get those votes in! She's a one woman 'wall of sound,' the lovely Darlene Love!"

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