Friday, April 15, 2011


Well, if you've been reading No Expiration, you know I love record stores, and more than that, I love rare tracks and B-sides. That's why Record Story Day is so cool! It encourages people to go into record stores, which has been such an important part of so many peoples lives.  I'm not saying that the decline of the record store is as tragic as, say, an animal facing extinction.  But it is a bummer that lots of kids have never known the thrill of going to a record store, thumbing through the racks, finding that hard-to-find record, or even finding something they've never heard before.  Yes, there were ornery record store clerks everywhere from the small indie store to Tower Records (see: Jack Black's role in High Fidelity), but there were also really cool people working at record stores, too, who could lead you to great music you might not have known about.

As for me, I'll be in class all day Saturday at NYU (a marketing class - interesting for sure, but not as much fun as going to record stores) and that night I'm seeing Chris Cornell's solo acoustic show in Montclair, New Jersey. And there aren't really any good record stores near me, anyway. But if there's one near you, do take advantage of it. You can learn more about Record Store Day at their website (you can find out where the closest record store to you is, and see a list of exclusive releases).  And if you're on Twitter, why not Tweet about your Record Store Day experiences (use the hashtag #rsd11, and follow them at @recordstoreday).  I'll tell you what, if I had my way, I'd head to Nashville to go to the Third Man Records store: Jerry Lee Lewis is performing there that day, and in true Third Man fashion, they're going to have t-shirts (limited edition, of course) promoting the show. Check this out below... how cool is that?

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