Saturday, July 23, 2011


By now, everyone knows that Amy Winehouse has died. She was a very good singer, and she could have been great. Maybe even a legend. Sadly, it wasn't to be.  We don't know how she died yet, but I'm sure most people suspect some sort of substance abuse.  It's just a shame. She had a great voice, and she knew how to use it. She had lots of charisma, people bought into her, they were emotionally invested in her.

I'd actually heard some songs from her first album, 2003's Frank, because I read British magazines and they were writing about her back then. I thought the album showed promise, and "Fuck Me Pumps" definitely showed that she had more edge and attitude than most other mainstream singers.

A few years later, I heard Ghostface's "You Know I'm No Good" which sampled Amy, which led me to seek out her new album, Back To Black. It was a great album, won a ton of Grammys, sold millions, it made her one of the biggest stars in the world.  Ultimately, though, it didn't get her what she wanted... whatever that was.

I know a lot of media outlets will be writing about Amy because it will lead to pageviews, copies sold, ads sold, whatever. People have been as interested in the spectacle and trainwreck of Amy Winehouse as they are in her music. Maybe more.

She wasn't a legend. Yes, she died at 27 like some other legendary rock stars.  She left one pretty good album and one pretty great one. I think there could have been some classics from her. So, I'm just sorry that we won't hear any more new music from her. That's all.

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Anonymous said...

Unfulfilled potential is always a tragedy. Wonder what gems she would have laid on us as she matured as an artist?
--Rich P