Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I recently wrote about Tom Waits' latest, Bad As Me. I was knocked out by the album when I first heard it, and I still feel the same way. It's unbelievable.  I read one review of the album in Uncut, where the reviewer wrote that it's the first album where he kind of combines all of his personas.  The guy also said it was like he recorded a greatest hits album, except that it was all new songs.  I like that. If you're a long time reader of No Expiration, you know that I love the idea of artists with decades under their belts doing vital, important work. Tom Waits is the perfect example of that. But I'm not digging the album because I want to, it's because I have no choice. It really is a stellar album. I mean, I wanted to like Lour Reed and Metallica's Lulu, but there's only so much you can force yourself!

I love the more "rock" songs on the album, like "Chicago" and "Satisfied."  But the ballads are just beautiful.  "Last Leaf" and "New Year's Eve" could have been on his earliest albums and held up to such classics as "Ol' 55" and "Jersey Girl."

There's lots of great people on the album: Keith Richards, Flea, Les Claypool and David Hildago of Los Lobos, but they are all performing in service to the man. They all know it's an honor to be there, even Keith.

I've never seen Tom Waits perform.  He's one of the only living artists who I haven't seen in concert yet (along with Los Lobos).  I'd love to see him in 2012, hopefully it will happen!

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