Tuesday, December 13, 2011


For the third year in a row, VH1 invited me to be a pundit on their year end video countdown. As I've mentioned, I worked at VH1 for years, had a great time there, and kept relationships there.  Back then, I would occasionally be asked to be interviewed for a show, and I am totally flattered that they still think to call me up for these shows.

I can't say much about what artists I talked about.  Last year, they posted most of the top 40 before the show aired.  This year, they are being much more secretive.  They do mention that Adele, Pitbull and Bruno Mars are in the countdown, so I feel comfortable putting a picture of Adele's 21 album in this post. I have no idea what order the videos came in - they don't tell you that. But hey, we know who's year this was!  Back in June, I said that Adele would be one of the big music stories of the year. I think she is a great soul singer, and so many people really react to her.  I'm happy for her success.

Anyway, the show airs tomorrow night on VH1 at 7 pm, I'm sure it will be rebroadcast a few times before the end of the year. It should be fun.  By the way, I'll be Tweeting throughout the show.  I'm @noexpiration and the hashtag is #VH1Top40.

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