Tuesday, June 7, 2011


First off: this (very obviously) photoshopped image is from Rolling Stone.

Second: sorry I haven't been posting in the past week.  Things have been busy.

Onward! So tomorrow morning I will be on SiriusXM OutQ's The Morning Jolt with Larry Flick  (and co-host Keith Price) at about 9 am ET. Every so often, I go against type and bring in a bunch of straight up pop records.

Right now, the biggest pop record on earth is the latest from Lady Gaga, Born This Way. I don't have as strong of an opinion on her as everyone else seems to.  I think she is talented, she's written some good songs, and she's a savvy marketer. On the other, I think she goes way out of her way to prove her intelligence, her artsiness and how much of an outsider she is.  I don't buy into her like other people do.  I think her new album is pretty good, but it's about as edgy as a Loverboy or REO Speedwagon album from the '80s.  I do enjoy the fact that she used Clarence Clemons from The E Street Band on two of the songs.  His playing is very '80s: it reminded me of his playing on "Dancing In The Dark" or Aretha's "Freeway Of Love."

I choose a couple of other prominent pop records: a Britney/Ke$ha/Nicki Minaj collab, a Katy Perry/Kanye West collab and some new Beyonce songs.  I have to say, I wasn't really impressed by any of them. Also a newer artist named Christina Perri: she's not my thing, but I can appreciate her a bit.

And also, the artist who I think will be one of the stories of 2011: Adele.  Right now, I bet that 21 will be one of the big Grammy albums, and it may make lots of critics lists also.

And what's that you say?  You don't have a SiriusXM subscription?  Get on that! Get a free online trial and check out what you're missing!

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Eric said...

You could not be more right about these releases. Lady Gaga? A very good release. But as I told my friends, I already own it. On cassette. from 1989. By Madonna. Called Like A Prayer. And she was edgier. But many folks have forgot about that one. Yet...what a musician. And an AMAZING marketing machine. All told, a good release, Yes, the Grammy's will remember her a few times. I hope you are correct and they remember Adele more. Why isit, someone with the looks of Adele gets more talk about her appearance than the incredible music she is producing? She is wonderful. From the first notes of 19 to the last notes of 21, she has grown more as a musician in 2 years than many people do in a lifetime. Continue the break ups sweetie, They guaratee you years of million sellers. Happiness gets you to gold.

Yopur toher ones this week. OK...Pop. Ok. I stop at OK. Summer fun. I love it. Most folks do. I do not switch the station until they are overplayed. I am not there yet. Ask me the end of July.