Sunday, June 12, 2011


...and now for something completely different! A couple of weeks ago, I talked about Duran Duran on SiriusXM OutQ's The Morning Jolt with Larry Flick. He was surprised that I like them.  I can't say I'm the world's biggest fan - I have their great Decade "best of" - but I love great pop songs and they have written a ton of them.

That said, a Duran Duran post by me wouldn't be as interesting as one by my friend Katy, she works for the band.  In fact, she has her own section on their website - it's called "Ask Katy." She probably knows more about the band than they know about themselves. And she's friends with them also.  Simon LeBon took Katy to the big SiriusXM Paul McCartney concert last year - and introduced her to Sir Paul after the show. She's definitely a big part of their team. So I thought it would be fun to ask her what some of her favorite - but lesser known - Duran songs are.

So, without further adieu...

Ten Underrated Duran Duran Songs, in the opinion of Katy Krassner + Brian Hughes

1) "The Valley" from Red Carpet Massacre: It has driving rhythm, an amazing bass line, and just when you think the song will end it picks up somewhere else].
2) "Lonely in your Nightmare" from Rio:  A real fan favorite, it's very textured and romantic. I always thought this track deserved more respect but other songs from Rio  get the most attention.
3) "Missing" from Duran side-project Arcadia's So Red the Rose: A gorgeous, ethereal, haunting track.
4) "Serious" from Liberty : This was a single, but never got the respect it deserved. It is very '90s sounding, but in this case, that's ok.
5) "Breath After Breath" from The Wedding Album : this was a great collaboration with Brazilian artist

 Milton Nascimento 

6) "Careless Memories" from Duran Duran : This song has 100% stood the test of time, and you can't say that about many songs written in the early '80s.

7) "Tiger Tiger" from Seven and The Ragged Tiger is an incredible instrumental, you can see a story unfold before your eyes
8) Their cover of Lou Reed's "Perfect Day" and "Thank You" by Led Zeppelin: Both from the much maligned album, Thank You -- go find a better cover version of either song, I dare you!
9) The entire Notorious album: a huge transition for Duran Duran, the entire album is underrated.
10) The Electro Set/ Red Carpet Massacre tour, featuring the songs "All She Wants Is," "Warm Leatherette," "I Don't Want Your Love," "Skin Trade" (and sometimes "Showroom Dummies" or "Last Chance on the Stairway." This was so fucking cool, go on to youtube and find it if you've haven't seen it live]. 
10.5) "Girl Panic!" from their latest, All You Need is Now I hope it doesn't become under-rated because it's such an amazing track off an incredible album. Let's discuss this time, next year! 


dave said...

A very interesting list. 'Lonely In Your Nightmare' is indeed a wonderful song and one I never tire of. Another song I really love which I reckon is very underrated is 'To The Shore' off the first album.

I'd also have to say that some of their B sides deserved far more attention, in particular 'Late Bar', 'Khanada' and 'Secret Oktober'.

Anonymous said...

How about My Own Way, from Rio, I love that song. Careless Memories is one of my faves. How did Katy get the job? Lucky girl! And I love that picture with the guys...

Helen, Newport said...

Of Crime and Passion from Seven and the Ragged Tiger. One of my fav's said...

Great picks!! Last Chance on the Stairway was always my favorite from Rio. Another fantastically underrated tune was Night Boat. My all time favorite, for sure.

Anonymous said...

Secret Oktober is one of my all-time faves and IMO very underrated.

Anonymous said...

I would also add that many of the tracks from Medazzaland are great and never get heard. Midnight Sun and Out of my mind and Silva Halo to name but 3.

Anonymous said...

Great choices: I do agree!!!

Some other key songs: Skin Trade, Liberty, Chauffer, We Need You, Fallen Angel & I Believe (All I Need to Know)

Denielle said...

You are so dead on on!!

I would have included Secret Oktober for sure!

Anonymous said...

"Girl Panic" is my favorite track from the latest album and I totally agree with "Notorious" - at least 4 songs from that album are way up there in my "DD favorites" list.
"Serious" is a great track, too. A track with... serious "mind-stuck" power, and I'm sure their cover of Lou Reed's "Perfect Day" would be mr Reed's personal favorite, too!!

Mr. Paul said...

Actually, my list would include alot of B-sides that, by virtue of their, um... b-sidedness, are underrated. Songs like "Secret Oktober," "To the Shore," "Like an Angel," and "Late Bar." Just my $.02.

Anonymous said...

Lonely in your Nightmare, my absolute favourite DD of all time.
And all the others are fabulous choices as well

RocioDD said...

midnight sun , be my icon , someone else not me , so long suicide , well all the pop trash album , big thing album , medazzaland album indeed

abelyssahbeo said...

They covered "Thankyou"?((( good heavens[boom , back to fifteen with flowers in hairLZ was my first concert in..'77..sorry 'bout tmi....Thankyou for tolerating my growing pains -I have alot of space <3 Duran Duran is a good life form~*:

carly g said...


Mohan said...

Nice article - can yourecommend a link for that electro set? Any plans to do it again/release a version?

KateKirk said...

I always loved White Lines...great energy

Dawn Nikithser said...

If I recall correctly, Lou Reed himself praised their cover as all but perfect. Your list is excellent, though I'd hesitate to call Careless Memories underrated - that ones has gotten a lot of play over the years.

Belinda aka Syberbelle said...

I agree on most of those and I do hope, like Katy, that Girl Panic doesn't become one of them either. I really love Cry Baby Cry from the Red Carpet Massacre album. That single you could only get from ordering the album from Itunes. Now that song has some Groove! Love It!

Flora said...

I am honestly and truly surprised "The Chauffeur" is not on here. I've heard it played in so many different ways and it's wonderful every time.

david carling said...

yeah.....i think sets and albums are out....individual tracks would be...and this is underrated tracks the general public don't know about...not fans....1.friends of mine2.faster than light3.last chance on the stairway4.the chauffeur(blue silver version)5.hold back the rain6.shadows on your side7.crime and passion8.hold me.9.the edge of america my lips 11.success 12.starting to remember. 13.someone else not me 14.big bang generation 15.nice full o' honey 17.dirty monster 18.before the rain 19 instant karma...and breaking my own rule....poptrash is a great record...all of there you are 20.....just making the point that they are a MASSIVELY underrated band....the duran's are a very very very good band..artistic,funky,edgey rockers...with fantastic songs,with perfect hooks...yes i rather like them...

Jesus said...

#1: Secret October
#2: The Chauffeur (Blue Silver Early Version)
#3: The Seventh Stranger
#4: Serious
#5: Shadows On Your Side
#6: She got "Missing" right...WOW what a song.
#7: Sound Of Thunder
#8: Last Chance on the Stairway
#9: My Own Way (Carnival Remix)
#10: Tiger Tiger (original mix)

Jesus said...

#1: Secret October
#2: The Chauffeur (Blue Silver Early Version)
#3: The Seventh Stranger
#4: Serious
#5: Shadows On Your Side
#6: She got "Missing" right...WOW what a song.
#7: Sound Of Thunder
#8: Last Chance on the Stairway
#9: My Own Way (Carnival Remix)
#10: Tiger Tiger (original mix)

Anonymous said...

Nightboat has always seemed brilliant to me. I also really enjoy Simon's harmonies on American Science. Great list!

Nathan said...

Great list, Katy!

Chris Ferraro said...

I have to say, that is an absolutely outstanding list of underrated Duran Duran tunes. You nailed most of my favorites.
If an addition is possible, I feel "Falling Down" and "She's Too Much" are exceptional, and "The Man Who Stole A Leopard" belongs with their greatest work.

Chris Ferraro said...

I must say, I am speechless at how accurate I find or, more to the point, agree with this list!

If there is room for addition, I believe "She's Too Much," "Falling Down," and "The Man Who Stole A Leopard" are a part of the band's best work along with the second side of Medazzaland.

superbadfriend said...

"Missing" is my all time favorite Duran song. Brilliant post. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

You forgot my favorite, "Make Me Smile (Come up and see me). =)

oli said...

hey you mentioned thank you and perfect day(which is awesome and as lou reed put it the best version ever inc. his own) but dont forget WATCHING THE DETECTIVES omg that is just such an amazing cover and simon's vocal's drive it effortlessly, p.s dont forget WHAT HAPPEN'S TOMORROW and FINEST HOUR(which is such a beautiful balladish even psychadelicish track) from astronaut :)

Anonymous said...

This is my personal list of underrated dd songs:

- Of Crime And Passion
- A Matter Of Feeling
- Vertigo
- Land
- My Antarctica
- Venice Drowning
- None Of The Above
- Out Of My Mind
- Michael You've Got A Lot To Answer For
- Something To Remember
- Pop Trash Movie
- Lady Xanax
- The Sun Doesn't Shine Anymore
- The Point Of No Return

What do you think? :-)

Anonymous said...

"Secret Oktober" and "The Seventh Stranger" to add to the list. "A year of Sundays seems to have drifted right by -- I could have sworn -- in one evening." Great line. And "Lonely in Your Nightmare" is probably my favorite DD song, anyway. Good list.

Anonymous said...

My top Ten :-)

1. Is There Anyone Out There
2. Starting to Remember
3. Lonely in you Nightmare
4. Out of my Mind
5. Undergoing Treatment
6. Perfect Day
7. TV vs Radio
8. Pretty Ones
9. Someone Else not Me
10. She's Too Much

Anonymous said...

- waiting for the night boat
- winter marches on

(virtualriver in second life)

Arctic Knitter said...

Yay - "Lonely In Your Nightmare" is one of my all time faves as is "My Own Way". I want Katy's job! Or - Duran Duran could just come & do a show in Anchorage, AK!!

Shikha said...

Well... i'm not gonna leave much so I won't possibly get jumped. Not that I have anything, really, to say. :D
Nicely said, well put. :)

Shikha said...

Well said. Well said.

Mina C. Lobo said...

I am totally down with numbers 1, 2, 4, and 9. Especially "Lonely in Your Nightmare" - it evokes a time in my life when dreams held promise, rather than broken glass for me to hold. ;-)

Kelly G said...

Hi there - could not agree more w/ Lonely in your nightmare! Must say, somewhat disappointed Nightboat w/ the video prelude from the greatest love story ever told and some of the b sides did not make the list; including - Late Bar, and Come up and see me make me smile.

I guess I opted for the old stuff - as 1) im over 40 :) and 2) I think anything post wedding album has been underrated.

Anonymous said...

I really miss 'American Science' - and only one comment mentions it either. One of my all time favs.

Nevertheless I think the whole DD discography is underrated... :-)

Logan schuff said...

I think hold back the rain my own way and anyone out there are very underrated because they are on the same album as rio hungry like the wolf and save a prayer so songs were just bigger and for good reason but those songs are overlooked. I think duran duran is completely underrated they are one of the greats! They are still making relevant music and this is coming from a 15 year old. Rio is also underrated it is perfect! Not a bad song on it!

Logan schuff said...

These guys owned the 80s but guess what...they are still making great music!!! Very underrated! They are still very much relevant today as they were then and this is coming from a 15 year old. They're live show is the best thing i've ever seen!!!! They are not just an 80s band, DD make music forever!!!!