Monday, August 25, 2008


People constantly hate on Sheryl Crow. One reason is probably that her songs are so down-the-middle mainstream that it just isn't fashionable. There just isn't really a Carole King/James Taylor/Carly Simon type genre anymore. Another reason: well, she looks like a model, and most of the music media aren't models, and will never go out with a model.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion: but the fact is that Sheryl Crow isn't just a good singer and very good songwriter, she can also play guitar, bass and keyboards, and she can also produce (and check out Stevie Nicks' great Trouble In Shangri-La if you don't believe me).

Her heart is also in the right place. She is always involving herself in good causes: right now she's offering a free download of her song "Gasoline" to all members of the Rock The Vote mailing list. She's also offering a free download of her entire Detours album to anyone who gets three other people to register. I'm sure indie rock cynics and Republicans will be united in having field day on that one, but good for you Sheryl. And given that she is endorsing Obama, I'm sure some people will question whether or not it is fair for her to be working with Rock The Vote. But before they do that, they should also investigate whether or not Fox News should be able to use the word "News" in their name.

Anyway, Sheryl also released a brand new song, "So Glad We Made It" as a download to help raise funds for Team USA during the Olympics, and she has a Christmas album coming out.

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