Sunday, August 3, 2008


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It was another incredible show by Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band. At some parts of the show, it felt like watching a group of daredevil skateboarders. "We just pulled off that stunt, let's try a crazier one!" In this case, it was playing songs that were (seemingly) barely rehearsed, like "Pretty Flamingo" and "Blinded By The Light." I can't think of many bands who play stadiums who would pull stunts like that. But it worked, it was fun watching them get through the songs. 

Again, they were so powerful. It's really awe-inspiring to watch them these days. I know two people who were at the show, they were both seeing Bruce for the first time. Both of them had chills just talking about the show the next day, they're now converts. (one of them was the cause behind this post.) 

By the way, you can see a few performances from each Giants Stadium show here. And Backstreets has a more in-depth review

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