Thursday, May 7, 2009


Tomorrow I'll be a guest co-host on Live From E Street Nation on SIRIUS XM's E Street Radio. The show is hosted by legendary Music Journalist Dave Marsh. I can't wait. We'll be talking about Bruce Springsteen's brief performance at Sunday night's Pete Seeger 90th birthday celebration. Live From E Street Nation is a great show: basically people calling in to talk about Bruce, the current tour, and ask Dave questions - sometimes really weird ones - about Bruce. I try to catch it every week if I'm not too busy at my day job.

Oh - this picture. I've posted it before. A Pete Seeger impromtu performance from many years ago. I'm the kid in the Spider-Man shirt by the tree. I showed this picture to my dad, and he told me that it kind of embodies Pete Seeger. We were at some park, and Pete had a gig scheduled somewhere in the park. So he was walking to the gig, saw some kids, and grabbed his banjo and sang a bunch of songs before going on his way. None of the kids probably had much of an idea who he was.


Mojo said...

that's an amazing pic!

Minority said...

Thanks, Fwank!