Thursday, May 7, 2009


I almost forgot to write about this! On Tuesday night, I filmed (along with a more experienced cameraguy) The New York Dolls' record release party; they released their latest, 'Cause I Sez So, that day. It was at John Varvatos' boutique - yes, the site of the former CBGB, and I wrote about my opinion about that recently. It was also the launch for John's radio show, Born In Detroit, which will air on SIRIUS XM's Faction on the first Sunday of every month. I filmed John interviewing head Doll David Johansen last week (both the interview and the performance will be on and the SIRIUS XM YouTube page soon) and he won me over. He's a rock fan who made it, big time, and is using his success to preserve and represent the music that he loves.

Anyway, The Dolls were incredible. They are one of those bands, like The Stooges, who belong on classic rock radio by all rights, instead of some of the hack bands that the format plays. I can't understand why more people don't love this band, it's not like they are hard to "get" like Kraftwerk or something. Anyway, they played mostly new songs, and it sounds like the new album is really rocking, so check it out.

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