Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Most Ozzy Osbourne fans know that Oz is getting ready to release a new album, Scream, next month. It features a brand new band: the guitarist's name is Gus G. and the new drummer is Tommy Clufetos (formerly of Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper's bands) and returning on bass is another former Rob Zombie guy, Blasko. Ozzy says that long time guitarist Zakk Wylde was making the record sound more like his band, Black Label Society, and drummer Mike Bordin is of course touring with the reunited Faith No More. Ozzy is also headlining an eight date Ozzfest, which will also feature Motley Crue and Rob Halford.

But for the old school fans, here's a really exciting bit of info. Ozzy is releasing 30th anniversary editions of his first two solo albums, Blizzard Of Oz and Diary Of A Madman. Why is that exciting?  Well, a couple of years back, Ozzy and Sharon were in a legal battle with the rhythm section from those albums, bassist Bob Daisley and drummer Lee Kerslake. Sharon is a formidable enemy, and in response, she had Ozzy's then-current rhythm section, Mike Bordin and bassist Robert Trujilio, re-record the bass and drum tracks, and re-issued the albums like that. I didn't dig that, and neither did lots of other fans. I don't know what the lawsuit was about, and I don't care, don't mess with history like that. Anyway, now they're reissuing the remastered albums (the only albums featuring the legendary Randy Rhoads, who should get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a sideman) with the original rhythm tracks.

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