Tuesday, May 25, 2010


For those of you who are new to No Expiration, every Wednesday morning at 9 am ET I go on the SIRIUS XM channel OutQ. I am a weekly contributor to The Morning Jolt with Larry Flick. Tomorrow morning, Larry has a full dance card, so to speak, so I won't be on the show.  I will be back the next week with some truly spectacular rock and roll music.  I don't know exactly what I'm bringing - right now I have so much stuff, I will probably divide it up into two weeks, and I'm not sure what stuff I'll bring each week. Let's just say that there's lots of great new music, and newly released old music out there. It's great for summer!

I may be going on The Catholic Channel's Busted Halo Show on Thursday night , and if I do, I'll let you all know. I'm still figuring out what I'll talk about there, but I have one or two great artists that I'm deciding between.

One other bit of news: I apologize for not posting as much as usual.  I've been taking online classes at night which have been taking up a bit of time, but I promise to try and get back to a post a day.

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