Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I was surprised to see that Alice In Chains is playing a gig with Stone Temple Pilots this weekend.  It turns out it is one of those kind of lame radio station spring concerts, that they use to force bands to play in exchange for airtime.

Still, as I wrote about a while back in a post called "Sour Boy," I mentioned that when STP first hit the national scene, I heard people saying they ripped off Pearl Jam.  I saw their first video for "Sex Type Thing," and didn't get the comparassion.  They were like an Alice In Chains tribute band. Then I saw "Plush" and understood why people thought they were ripping off PJ.

I feel bad hating on them. Frontman Weiland has some serious issues.  I just read an interview with him in the new Rolling Stone. He mentioned that he still drinks sometimes.  That's just sad.

Anyway, AIC are doing a much cooler tour later this year, with Mastodon opening.  I definitely want to catch that show.


Anonymous said...

Love AIC! STP...I used to love them...Scott just got too weird for me. I saw AIC the beginning of their rocked! Wish I could have seen them with Layne though :-( But Jerry still rocks!

Minority said...

thanks for commenting on my blog Christiejolu! I like your cross section of tastes betweeen Layne and Glen Hansard.