Wednesday, September 19, 2007

GENESIS: "THE BIGGEST TOUR YOU HAVEN'T HEARD MUCH ABOUT"? used that as a headline the other day. It was interesting: the dude acted suprised that anyone cared about the Genesis reunion tour. Of course, Genesis have always been one of the bands that critics hate, but they're also critic-proof.

Genesis has, like, four audience cliques. The prog-rockers who also like Yes and King Crimson. Of course, a lot of these guys hate everything the band has done since Peter Gabriel left the band. Those who stuck around dig songs like "Home By The Sea" and "Domino." Then you have the classic rock fans, who love the radio hits like "Turn It On Again" and "Abacab." Then, there's the adult contemporary folks, who also love Phil Collins' solo stuff, they're into "In Too Deep" and "Hold On My Heart." And, finally, the '80s kids, who got turned on to them via big video hits like "Land Of Confusion" and "That's All."

I don't love all of their stuff, but I do enjoy some of their music from all of the above categories. I'm fortunate in that I liked them before I knew it wasn't cool to. I mean, yeah, they weren't threatening in any way, but I felt they were creative, and they sort of grew up in a logical way - I know, not cool, but I respected (and still respect) them. That said, they're really asking a lot of their fans this year: they've released two box sets that cost over $100 each, and tickets for the shows are pretty steep. Still, I'm going to somehow get to the Giants Stadium show.

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