Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Zach de la Rocha has finally wrapped up his solo album, according to Billboard. I wonder what will be on the album: in the years since Rage Against The Machine split, Zach was rumored to be working with Trent Reznor, ?uestlove, and a couple of other people. So there could be tracks from a whole bunch of different producers. Zach's only actually released one track, "They Want It All," from the Farenheit 911 soundtrack (that song was produced by Trent).

I was lucky enough to see Zach with Rage this summer at the Rock The Bells festival, and they were a force of nature . Just incredible. Tom Morello seems to be enjoying doing his folk thing as The Nightwatchman... but it would be great if Rage stuck together - at least touring and recording singles, if not full albums - allowing the members to concentrate on their own projects. But, come election time, it would be great to have Rage on the road.

Meanwhile, I already wrote about the Into The Wild soundtrack, which is essentially Eddie Vedder's solo debut. I hear he may do a solo tour for the album. I've seen Eddie solo twice - once at the Tibetan Freedom Concert, and once opening for The Who. He was great, and I think it was fun for him - as it would be for anyone in a band for such a long time - to do something a bit different. At those shows, he pretty much mixed covers with a couple of Pearl Jam tunes. It would be cool to see him do some of the songs frmo Into The Wild, it's a good album.

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