Tuesday, September 4, 2007


In my humble opinion, John Fogerty is an American treasure. I'm not saying the dude is perfect, but he certainly has written some perfect songs, if you're reading this blog you don't need me to list them.
Anyway, I heard one of his new songs on the radio the other day - I think it was "Don't You Wish It Was True," and it just made me smile. I liked some of the songs from his last album Deja Vu, and I thought his prior album, Blue Moon Swamp was a strong comeback. But I have really high hopes for this one. Its going to be called Revival - which is no coincidence, considering it is his first new album since he re-signed with Fantasy Records, the label that he famously beefed with for decades. Needless to say, the label is now owned by new people, none of whom are Saul Zaentz. The thing about John Fogerty is that his anger can get the better of him (lawsuits and bitterness at the label, his ex-bandmates and probably other stuff too) kept him from recording for a long time. I'm glad he seems to be over that. There's even a track on the album called "Creedence Song."

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