Friday, September 7, 2007


Al Green is one of the greatest singers of all time. I just love the sound of his voice - and back in the '70s, his music was, like, perfect. He wrote great songs. He chose the perfect songs to cover. Willie Mitchell was the perfect producer for him. Check out Let's Stay Together, as well as I'm Still In Love With You, Call Me and even Al Green Gets Next To You.
I've been hearing for months that ?uestlove - the drummer for The Roots - is going to produce his next album, and "bring him back to 1974." Besides being an incredible drummer, I think ?uestlove is a solid producer, having done albums for D'Angelo and Common. He says D'Angelo will appear on this album, as will Corinne Bailey Rae and Anthony Hamilton -in short, some of the best talent in R&B today. I think that this will be a cool album.
The only thing that bugs me is ?uest's comment that he's bringing Al back to 1974. That sort of ignores the fact that Al reunited with Willie Mitchell a few years back, and they recently did two albums together - 2003's I Can't Stop and 2005's Everything's OK. But I'm a big fan of
?uestlove's, and I look forward to hearing this.

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