Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Hi, Mr. Jimmy Page, it's me again. It's been about a month since I last wrote. Last time, I kind of begged you and John Paul Jones not to do a Led Zeppelin tour without Robert Plant.

But it struck me that I wasn't really offering you any other alternatives. So I decided to come up with some.

I remember before all the hype about Zeppelin reuniting to play the O2 Dome started, there were actually rumors that you and Jeff Beck were going to do a Yardbirds tour. I think Jeff said he wouldn't do it, but I bet he could be convinced. It would be awesome, and, with all due respect, it would be easier to get someone to sing the late Keith Relf's parts than Robert's. There'd be a bit less pressure and less scrutiny on a Yardbirds tour than a Zeppelin tour. You could still do Zeppelin songs!

Or get Terry Reid to sing Zeppelin tunes, that'd be cool. The rumor has always been that he was your first choice to sing in Led Zep anyway.

Here's some other guys that might want to collaborate with you guys: I know Dave Grohl has been saying that he wants to take some time off, but he's also said he'd drop everything to do a Zeppelin tour. I know he was referring to playing drums for you guys, but maybe if you get him and one or two other guys to switch off on vocals. I bet Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes would do it! Maybe Jack White would - he's said that Robert was his least favorite part of Led Zeppelin. Ben Harper has covered Zep before, and he's jammed with John Paul Jones!

Speaking of John Paul, he works with that bluegrass group, Uncle Earl, right? Maybe you guys could do an acoustic tour with them. And take Dan Tyminski of Union Station (that's Alison Krauss ' band. They've had to wait for her to finish a tour with Robert!).

Whatever you do, please comment here and PROMISE me that you're not really thinking about using the guy from Alter Bridge. I don't want to hate on the guy, it isn't my style, but you're about to see your stock plummet if that happens. (And also, don't call David Coverdale either).

Thanks - Your Fan Always,

No Expiration.

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