Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Some people say that rock and roll is no longer a symbol of rebellion. While it's been obviously co-opted by the mainstream, I just can't agree. I think you play the right rock and roll music to a conservative, it's gonna be threatening to them. I think it's just jaded cynics who think that there's no rebellion to rock and roll anymore.

It is weird to me when people at a rock and roll concert are conservatives. It is weird to me when you read about ZZ Top or Alice Cooper endorsing conservative republicans. But, an article that I just at Sonic Boomers read asks "Can a rock & roll fan vote for John McCain and be philosophically consistent? Do the segregationist, militarist, pro-rich and sexually repressive tendencies of the Republicans unavoidably clash with the integrationist, non-conformist, working-class and sexually exultant tendencies of rock & roll? Or are such differences irrelevant to music and entertainment in 2008?" Check it out.

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