Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Remember when people thought "Weird Al" Yankovic was a novelty artist who wouldn't last? Who knew that he was actually a novelty artist whose career would outlast those of many of the artists that he parodies?

I think he's about to hit a new plateau, seriously. He just did a new parody of T.I.'s "Whatever You Like." It's online just two weeks after T.I. released his version. I don't know why Al has just figured out that he can move this quickly in the digital age, but good for him. I think Al is hysterical, and by the way, not all his songs are parodies, only about half of them are. But the parodies are the ones that get more attention.

Anyway, T.I. was cool to let him do it: Al needs to get permission from the artist to do these things.

Speaking of T.I., I don't know much about his music, but I saw a cool interview with him where he talks about encouraging people to vote, but he doesn't want to tell them who to vote for. One reason is because he is working for the Hip-Hop Caucus, an organization that gets federal funding, so he can't be partisan. But the other reason is because he feels that, if you look at the country, look at the price of gas, looking at laws being passed, etc., and you can't decide who is the better candidate for you, you shouldn't be looking to rappers for guidence. Sadly, T.I. is going to jail in March for a year, but it seems like the trials that he has been through have at least gained him some wisdom.

What the world needs now is more young celebrites, and hip-hop artists, who are as clear thinking as T.I.

And guys who can "reach across the aisle" and make everyone laugh. Like "Weird Al."

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Anonymous said...

Actually since it's parody he doesn't need permission. He just does it as a courtesy.