Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Hi, Mr. John Paul Jones. I've recently written "open letters" to your friend and bandmate Jimmy Page - twice. Actually, one of them was to you and him. I don't mean to come off creepy. But I gotta ask you one last time: Please don't tour as Led Zeppelin without Robert Plant. You will just look silly.

Don't get me wrong: I'd love to see you on the road with Jimmy. Having Jason Bonham on drums is fine with me also. I just think it will look super lame without him. People would love to see you guys play together. They'd love to see and hear you perform Zeppelin songs. Just don't call it Led Zeppelin, because it isn't Led Zeppelin. I mean, when Robert and Jimmy toured without you in the '90s, they just called it "Jimmy Page & Robert Plant." Hey, man, I'm just looking out for you!

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