Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I have to admit, I'm not loving the first single/title track from Bruce Springsteen's new album, Working On A Dream. However, I do really like the second single, "My Lucky Day," which is available this week as a download exclusively from Amazon (next week it will be on iTunes). 

There's a less hyped new Bruce recording out there as well: a cover of Harry Chapin's "Remember When The Music" from the Serve3 compilation, which benefits World Hunger Year. 

In other Bruce news, I bought Tom Jones' cover of Bruce's "The Hitter" from Tom's new 24 Hours album (the original is from Devils & Dust). I'm not a Tom Jones fanatic (I do respect him though) but he did a great job on it. It's epic, not kitchy.  You should check it out. 

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