Sunday, December 28, 2008


No, a goth hasn't hacked into No Expiration to talk about the next Twilight film. I wanted to inform everyone about the upcoming film, Suck: it's a vampire flick that somehow involves the music industry, which has long been rumored to employ bloodsucking freaks. But the reason I'm looking forward to the film, even if it does, er, suck, is because of the cast: Henry Rollins plays a radio DJ, "Rockin' Roger," vegan restaraunt owner Moby plays "Beef Bellows," frontman of a punk band called The Secretaries Of Steak, Alice Cooper plays a bartender, Iggy Pop has a role, and in a move sure to confuse the hip elite, Alex Lifeson of Rush (and co-star of the film Trailer Park Boys: The Movie) is also in the film. And so is non-musician Malcolm McDowell, from Heroes, Star Trek: Generations, numerous superhero cartoons and yes, A Clockwork Orange. Even if the story isn't great, this promises to be a great "guilty pleasure."

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