Thursday, July 9, 2009


Besides being one of the most prolific artists today, Jack White is a smart business guy - or is smart enough to surround himself with smart business folk.
His Third Man Records has a complex in Nashville with a vinyl record store and a film developing studio.

But even though Jack kicks it old school and is not a fan of the web, he doesn't pretend that it doesn't exist. Third Man has just announced The Vault, a paid subscription service that gives access to exclusive content for $7 a month. For $20 a month, you get all of the $7 membership stuff, plus a 7" single and a 12" single and a t-shirt every three months. They are made to order: after the first sign up deadline passes, they will print up just as much stuff as they need. That's a pretty clever way to engage hardcore fans in a meaningful way. I will probably be signing up for the premium plan, and I hope that this works our for Jack's team. Meanwhile, I can't wait to hear the Dead Weather record, which comes out next week. Check out trailers for the video for "Treat Me Like Your Mother" here. Yes, they did trailers for a video. It will debut on Cinemax on July 11.

In other Jack White news, did you know that he was a budding actor at one point? As a rock star, he has had cameos in Cold Mountain and Walk Hard, but an early film appearance, from his pre-White Stripes era, Mutant Swingers From Mars, is going to be screening at the Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival later this year. Check it out: I don't see Jack in it, but I am sold on this movie! (I found out about this at Twenty-Four Bit).


Anonymous said...

Oh,.. HE'S in it,.. he says "I think he's in LA LA Land, Steve" while snapping his fingers in the trailer. I know. I made the flick

Minority said...

thanks for posting "anonymous." I gotta catch that flick one of these days!