Sunday, July 5, 2009


Nuggets is, like, the garage rock compilation. If you want to get into garage rock I'd recommend listening to Little Steven's Underground Garage (preferably on SIRIUS). After that, get Nuggets. Compiled by future Patti Smith Group guitarist Lenny Kaye in 1971, it was a double album that collected out-of-print garage rock gems. It was maybe the first time that a collection recognized that fans might care about rock and roll records that were no longer available. It was also a great celebration of bands just rocking out! Rhino re-released it as a 4 CD box set a few years back, and since then they've put out other collections under the "Nuggets" banner. The latest one is Where The Action Is: Los Angeles Nuggets 1965 - 1968. It has tracks by The Byrds, The Buffalo Springfield, Love and lesser known bands like The Seeds, The Peanut Butter Conspiracy and The Standells.

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