Friday, July 17, 2009


Zakk Wylde has been playing guitar for Ozzy Osbourne, on and off, for like 20 years. Almost as important as his guitar playing is the fact that he is sort of the quality control guy in the Ozzy organization. He's not intimidated by Ozzy or Sharon, and is quick to point out when Ozzy's album is going in a non-metal direction. So it's a bummer that Ozzy has been saying that he's getting rid of Zakk. Worse, Zakk said (via twitter) that he hasn't heard about it. I hope that this is just a rumor, I think Ozzy needs Zakk. The other rumor is that he's looking at John 5 of Rob Zombie's band (and formerly of Marilyn Manson). Good musician, bad choice. Stick with Zakk, Ozzy.

I interviewed Zakk a few years ago, about the time that the film Rock Star was about to come out -- he essentially played himself in the film. I asked him about the rumors that Sony was trying to get The Offspring to write a song for Ozzy, he said, "Who, 'Shitspring?' Not on my watch, brother!" I'd also heard that Dave Grohl (who wrote a really cool song for Tony Iommi's first solo album) was going to contribute a song. "The guy from 'Shitvana?' Dude, this is Ozzy Osbourne we're talking about!" I don't agree with him on everything (but thank god Offspring didn't write a song for Ozzy) but there's no one else in his organization who would just say, "crap idea!" He needs that.

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