Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Tomorrow on OutQ, I'll be talking about
three icons of the '90s/Lollapalooza era who have brand new albums and they all have something to prove.

Pearl Jam have just released Backspacer, their first album without any label at all. They made seperate deals with Target, Guitar Hero, Verizon for different ways to distribute it. Which I'm cool with: it's no more of a sell-out than signing to a worldwide corporation. And they have more control of thier career this way. But I think it does sting them that many people aren't familar with much of thier music from the past decade, and I think they want to change that with this album. Eddie Vedder used to romanticize bands that didn't sell a lot of albums, but these days, many of his peers have returned to having day jobs. I think he feels fortunate to be where he is, and I think he's rather have a Sprinsteen-ian or Neil Young-ish career than have to work in a warehouse to support himself.

Living Colour reunited in 1999, and not that many people noticed, which is a shame. The Chair In The Doorway is their second album since getting back together, and I hope more people notice. I just think that thier first single, "Cult Of Personality," was so perfect, they've never been able to duplicate its success.

Out of the three bands, Alice In Chains easily has the most to prove: their new album Black Gives Way To Blue, is thier first without their late, great singer Layne Staley. It is much better than you would think, you should check it out if you are a fan.


Will said...

Glad to hear some Pearl Jam love on the show this morning. I had sit in my car and listen until ya'll were finished. I've been in the Ten Club myself for a long time :)

abdul hadi bin Mikail said...

Thanks for all of your info and insight, Brian. I love listening to you on OutQ, which drew my attention to your blog. Thanks again!

Minority said...

Hey, thanks for listening and for reading guys. I'm a huge Pearl Jam fan, as you can tell. Maria (Mrs. No Expiration) and I are going to see them in Philly on Halloween, and I'll have a review!