Monday, September 7, 2009


is the guitar player who was on The Stooges' third album, the classic Raw Power. The Stooges had broken up, and reunited, but Iggy Pop decided he wanted Williamson on guitar, and he moved guitarist Ron Asheton to bass (bassist Dave Alexander had been fired already anyway). After that album, the band broke up for decades. Williamson collaborated with Iggy on a few things, but they haven't talked in decades and he hasn't played a gig of any kind since, until this week! Dude has been working in Silicon Valley for a while, was about to retire, was in the parking lot at his dentist's office when his phone rang: it was Iggy, asking him to rejoin the band! (Of course, the great Ron Asheton passed away earlier this year) Read more of the story at Rolling Stone.

When The Stooges reunited in 2003, they only played songs from thier first two albums, The Stooges and Funhouse. Now, they are going to obviously focus on Raw Power, but also play stuff from the first two records. It's too bad that they STILL haven't gotten into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but hopefully they will this year, and hopefully James Williamson will be included.


The Barman said...

You might enjoy this:

Minority said...

Barman, thanks for reading. That was a great interview! I can't wait to see The Stooges again.