Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Ron Asheton, guitarist for one of the greatest bands of all time - The Stooges - passed away. He was found at his apartment, he died from natural causes at age 60. It's too bad that The Stooges never got as big as Led Zeppelin, or Black Sabbath or Alice Cooper. It's too bad he didn't live to enjoy being inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (which hopefully hey will this year). But at least he did get to reunite with The Stooges in 2003. They recorded a few tracks for Iggy's Skull Ring album, and then toured, and then released a full-on reunion album, The Weirdness. He probably got to play to some of the biggest crowds in his entire career in the past few years, which is not a bad way to end.

If you aren't familiar with The Stooges, do yourself a favor and get The Stooges, Fun House and Raw Power.

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