Monday, January 5, 2009


It looks like Bruce Springsteen is pulling out all of the stops to promote his upcoming album, Working On A Dream. He's playing the Super Bowl, he'll be playing the inauguration, I imagine he'll perform at the Grammys and probably at the Oscars and The Golden Globes. He has a new "greatest hits" album coming out exclusively through WalMart (now that he isn't the president's critic, Middle America will probably like him again) and he's even coming to Guitar Hero (a game that Little Steven has been involved with for a while). 

He's offering "My Lucky Day" from the new album, and "Born To Run" as free downloads for Guitar Hero through February 4, and after that they will be available for $2 each. 

By the way, no tour plans have been announced - I'm sure everyone is waiting to see what the vibe is from the album and all of the performances he'll probably do in January - but the big rumor is that he'll be headlining one night of Bonaroo this summer (supposedly Phish is headlining two of the three nights). It looks like yet another great year to be a Springsteen fan. 

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