Sunday, January 11, 2009


Duffy's Rockferry was my favorite debut of 2008. Lots of hate towards this album, because some dismissed her as a prettier, more well-behaved, less angst-ridden version of Amy Winehouse. I think her album stands on its own. It was that rare commercially successful launch of a credible artist. I personally first read about her in Mojo magazine, my favorite music publication. Then, I saw that her single "Mercy" was being given away for free at Starbucks and on iTunes. Everything seemed to go very slowly and gradually for her, but now she's sold a lot of records and well on her way to becomming a star.

But forget all that, Rockferry is a great album. Duffy collaborated on the album with Bernard Butler, formerly of the British band Suede (a band I always found very boring). I think they sort of hit on a timeless sound that recalled early '60s England, without coming off too retro.

Duffy has recently re-released Rockferry in England, with an extra EP of new tracks. ("Stop" is particularly cool). But hopefully she'll have a new album in 2009. I remember watching her perform on Saturday Night Live, and not being too impressed - mainly I was annoyed that they appeared to be using pre-recorded backing vocals. But I was lucky enough to see her perform a two-song set in a radio studio this week (the new song "Fool For You" and my favorite Rockferry track, "Stepping Stone") and she was great. Not only great, but she seemed to lead her backing group with confidence. I think Ms. Aimee Duffy is going to be around for a long time.

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