Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Earlier today, music websites were going nuts over the news that Ryan Adams said he was leaving his band The Cardinals, and stopping music for a while. Apparently, he said this on his blog. I had a busy day, and at any rate, Ryan Adams isn't known for his great editing skills or his brevity, so I figured I'd check the blog out from home. It looks like he's taken that post down, and now he says: "Of course everything i said got taken out of context.
as always, i did not say i was quitting i said i was taking a step back… so thanks…..thanks again." I think he's a very talented songwriter who clearly has some issues. I know he's recently fought a winning battle with addiction, but that must be tough when one is on the road. Right now for Ryan Adams, I'd say it's probably better to fade away than burn out.

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